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Waves of Faith-February 23, 2018

What can we do?

Justice Minister Rev.Traci Blackmon wrote an article on the United Church of Christ website that made me think this week. She mentioned the Maasai people who live in Kenya. The Masai are unusual for the way they have preserved their culture for centuries. We learn a lot about their longevity from the traditional greeting among Maasai warriors. Translated, it says, “And how are the children?” Even warriors with no children reply, “All the children are well”. 

That means that peace and safety prevail. If the youngest and most vulnerable are safe then we are dwelling in a safe community. 

We often think of the Maasai as “primitive” people but those villagers are committed to providing security to those incapable of providing it themselves. 

The question posed by this article is "How are the children here in the United States?"  How are the children in a land where 46 kids are shot every day and 7 die of their gun shot wounds? How are the children in communities where boys and girls play with guns and have to live with their injuries or guilt? You can read Traci’s full article at this link: 


So this morning I picked up the phone and had a long conversation, I hope the first of many, with Scott Carpenter, Monomoy Regional School Superintendent.

I told Scott that too often clergy get involved when it is time for a prayer vigils or a funeral, but I think we need to take a more active role in supporting students and teachers in this moment. It won’t be easy going back to school next week. I offered to be a resource to the schools, whatever form that takes.  We agreed to set up a  meeting with school officials and the Harwich Clergy Association. 

Something prodded me and I think it is the faces of all those kids on my Facebook feed. Youth from Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School in Parkland have sprung into action. They have travelled to their state capital to lobby legislators. Others held a town meeting with Sen. Marco Rubio. Others went to the White House to talk to the president.  Their spirit is contagious. Yesterday hundreds of students from Montgomery County Maryland left school to take the subway into DC to advocate for gun legislation that will make schools safer.   

In the wake of the recent school shooting many people of faith are wondering if thoughts and prayers are enough, or will ever be enough again. It is easy to imagine that no one can do anything to address the fact that 35,000 people are killed by guns in this country every year. 

  • It is easy to miss the fact that in 2018 alone - less than 2 months - there have been 18 school shootings in this country and 8 of them resulted in deaths. 
  • It is easy to become numb to the violence in our society. 
  • But ours is not a passive faith or  a passive denomination. Our leaders in the United Church of Christ have been outspoken about advocating for new gun laws to curbing gun violence.

Lots more to do before all we can say with assurance, "All the children are well". 

Rev. Susan


 Missionary Visit

We are hosting Rev. Susan Valiquette on March 11. She is a career missionary who grew up in Ohio and became a minister. She will be traveling with her grown son. 

We have invited her to preach on Sunday March 11 and then be our featured speaker at the Second Sunday luncheon after worship. 

Save the date.  Invite a friend!

Susan visited the Imani School in Durbin in 2007


Posted: Friday February 23, 2018