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Waves of Faith-January 19, 2018

Several months ago Marti Sekarek attended a day-long conference on the Cape which was led by keynote speaker, Jackie Battelora PhD. Battalora is an attorney and a sociology professor with experience as a former police officer in Chicago. Her topic was “The Birth of a White Nation: the invention of White People and its Relevance Today”. 

Marti took some good notes and passed them along to me. The talk was so interesting that I want to share it with you as we continue our exploration all month on Racism. 

Battalora relies on history and current racial theory to contend that “White People” were an invention of the American legal system. Let me share some of the rationale for this idea. 

When the first poor British men arrived in Maryland and Virginia they constituted the vast majority of the populace in both states. All men who were FREE of indenture or enslavement faced the same opportunities under the law back in the early 1600’s. These free men ( white, black, or native American) could ALL vote, own slaves and marry a woman of any race. 

Throughout the 1600’s there was a continual need for labor and a dwindling supply. There was also a growing gender imbalance with 8-12 men for every woman. So a law was passed that punished British women for marrying enslaved African men. Other laws followed that imposed harsh punishments on slaves and extended their servitude for minor infractions. Many people who were enslaved were working off a debt. The discrimination did not go unnoticed. Laborers from every background - British, African and European - protested for a year in what became known as Bacon’s Rebellion, which was eventually put down. 

in 1681 new laws forbid any inter-marriage with any negro man (slave or free). In 1691 Virginia banned all inter-racial marriages. Women who broke this law lost their freedom. Maryland passed similar legislation. These laws stayed on the books until 1967 when a Supreme Court decision Loving Vs. Virginia reversed them, and inter-racial marriage was legalized in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. No other European nation created laws like these. 

Last week in my sermon I cited a book by a Washington University anthropologist, Robert Sussman’s book The Myth of Race: The Troublesome Persistence of an Unscientific Idea. This week we will talk about what it means to be a modern day abolitionist. 

I hope you will join us for worship. 

Rev. Susan


Saturday Women’s March

If you are interested in joining the Women’s March in Hyannis on Saturday please meet at 10 a.m. in the Church parking lot, or call Rev. Susan at home to so we can find each other. (774 237 9797).


Poem for the New Year   by: Alex Vakapoulis

Since it is a new year, leave your worries, sadness, even fear,

And know that it is almost a new year.

Since it is a new year, we have to give but,

Not only that we have to forgive.

Let's hope for 2018 that there will be peace, love, joy and hope.  

And don't talk to bad people, just say nope!



Posted: Friday January 19, 2018