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December 22, 2017-Waves of Faith

Dear Friends,

Every week during the month of December I have been trying to pepper my Waves of Faith column with ideas and examples about hope. Sometimes in the dark undercroft of December it is easy to lose sight of the really hopeful things going on in the world. in a political time of real division it is often hard to hold onto a sense of hope. But almost to my own surprise when I looked around online, I saw so many examples of hope that our cup really overflows with hope. 

Here are a few examples of hope that I see. All of them point toward a bedrock respect for diversity in our country and a clear commitment to equality. When I stopped to think about it I was surprised. 

In Milwaukee Wisconsin last Sunday at the mass at St. Bernadette Parish the priest Rev. Gregory Greiten told his parishioners that he is gay. The people of the parish greeted the news with a standing ovation, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He wrote a column in the National Catholic Reporter this Monday talking about his sexual orientation and explained that he wanted to be open about who he is so that he can serve as a role model for others. Though this is a long time coming, I find this amazing news given that the people in this Roman Catholic Church were so affirming and so far out in front of the Church’s international leadership. 

This fall in down ballot races across the country elections have been won by candidates that many people would not have considered capable of winning. in Minneapolis City Council member-elect Andrea Jenkins became the first openly transgender Black woman to be elected to public office in the United States. 

In Hoboken the new mayor is a Sikh. Ravinder Bhalla will be one of this nation’s first Sikh mayors after he takes office in January of Hoboken New Jersey, a city of 55,000 on the Hudson River. Though Mr Bhalla had served two terms on the City council and served as its President, he also was the victim of some flyers suggesting he was a terrorist because of his religion. 

In an interview, he said:

“I feel exhilarated,” Mr. Bhalla, 44, said in an interview on Wednesday. “I didn’t have any expectations one way or another of victory or defeat, I was prepared for both. And I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to serve Hoboken.” 

I like his face, and it is the face of hope for me this week. 



Merry Christmas all,

Rev. Susan

Posted: Friday December 22, 2017