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Waves of Faith-November 10, 2017

This month our worship theme is Sacred Story. Last Sunday I spoke about the way that we each have a story and it is a large part of who we are and also of our gift to the world. This story is something that defines our lives but it also is something we keep writing every day. The reason we are storytellers is because we come from a faith tradition where people told stories for centuries. Our Bible is a collection of many stories of faith. 

The Bible tells stories of slavery and freedom. It tells stories of facing fear and finding hope; this week’s sermon is about one of those stories. It tells of finding faith in adversity and learning to live peacefully in a dangerous world.  

Most Americans believe in stories. they are at the heart of our national identity. there is the story of freedom and how our nation offers few restrictions so we can practice religion, exercise rights, and find our niche.  Another story we believe in is that in our country is a place  where you can find justice and equal opportunity.

We still debate every day the question of how much freedom is the right amount. Where does my freedom impinge on your safety?  Where do my needs make you feel less secure?  As we navigate the stormy seas of public debate today we weigh the questions of what makes us free, and how do we build a society where the most number of people enjoy the richness of liberty. 

We are living in a time of flux, questions, self-examination and national soul searching. Anglican pastor Samuel Wells writes from London, “To navigate these bewildering times we need a renewed story. Christianity is fundamentally a story about where we are going, into the company of God’s grace, in the harmony of the restored creation  through the mercy of God’s incarnate love.”  

The Bible invites us to take a journey with God. In the process the Bible promises we will find a story which is life-changing. It promises us a life of greater meaning than we have ever known. This is a pilgrim journey and we will need to plan for it by finding others who want to embark on such a journey. As we journey in faith we’ll need some good stories to keep our faith. Luckily we have those - in scripture and in one another. 

See you Sunday. These days we need each other and we need God’s grace more than ever. 

Rev. Susan

Posted: Friday November 10, 2017