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WOF-September 29, 2017

Waves of Faith-September 29, 2017

One of the things I love about Cape Cod is the fact that the land is such an important part of the experience of living here. There is something wonderful about living on a peninsula that is barely seven miles across. It holds you in the palm of the sea and you begin to think more and more about the created order. 

Over time you are nurtured by the sea breeze, and gradually more and more affected by the sound of the waves. Whether you sail, swim, golf, hike or just sit on the deck you cannot escape the pervasive power of nature.

I also like the fact that this awareness which is part of the Cape Cod experience has also awakened many of us to the alarming news that the ocean is warming steadily and determinedly. The best article I have ever seen on climate change contained a series of questions and answers, in last Sunday’s New York Times. See the link here. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/climate/what-is-climate-change.html?_r=0

In the wake of two devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida, and the torrents of rain here on the Cape this summer at various times, we are all increasingly aware of the power and potential for destruction which nature holds within its grasp as well.


The experts conclusions about the fact that greenhouse gasses are changing the world as we know it means that we cannot ignore their warning for too much longer. As they explain, the devastation caused by hurricanes like Harvey is directly related to the fact that warmer oceans make more rainfall, and church up longer and longer storms. There is a direct connection between Harvey’s devastation and climate change, it seems. 

As people of faith, we believe that we are commissioned by God to be stewards of the earth. While it is hard to know how our voices will make a difference, the Bible teaches us that we have more power than we realize. Perhaps we have come to this moment in time to be more prophetic about the our faith’s demands to be vocal about climate change. It certainly something to learn about, pray about, and talk about in our faith community. 

The Massachusetts Conference has a good link to learn more. http://www.macucc.org/climatechange



Rev. Susan


Posted: Friday September 29, 2017